Quality Assurance


Three views of our CMM Inspection Machine. With an inspection envelope of 20 feet in length by 3 feet in both height and in width it is one of the largest capacity CMM’s on the West Coast.

It is an ideal inspection machine for the long aluminum extruded parts we machine and form. The CMM is set-up in a temperature controlled inspection area of the shop. 

Customer Quality System Approvals
Alenia – Italy
Boeing Commercial Aircraft Programs
Seattle,Wichita,Tulsa and Long Beach Locations
D1-9000A Level 7 AQS & BQS

Boeing Military Aircraft Programs
Long Beach, Macon and St Louis Locations
Preferred Bronze Supplier
MTA ISO 9002
Cessna Aircraft
Goodrich Aerospace
Lockheed Martin
Mil-I-45208 & Mil-Std-1535A
Northrop Grumman
SQR-001 & SQAR Rev. H
SQR-004 Rev. A CAD/CAM
ISA Key Plan Supplier
Textron – Bell Helicopter
Vought Aircraft
AS 9000 (w/o Design)
SQAR -Rev. Z

Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. Quality Clauses

Form # 15006

All parts must be protected prior to shipping from your facility, as applicable to commodity being shipped. Parts must be returned in the original containers they came in. Depending to the process your company is performing, additional protection may be required by your facility to prevent damage to services or processes you have performed, as applicable. Media such as butcher paper, plastic netting, bubble wrap, or other positive protection may be additionally required by your facility. Use of newspaper is not allowed due to the corrosive nature of the ink.


A Certificate of Compliance shall accompany all shipments. Certificate of Compliance must be signed by an authorized representative and reflect all information necessary to identify the product, quantity, current revisions, and whatever services or processes you have performed.


A First Article inspection is required from the supplier. The First Article must be documented on form AS9102. The supplier may use its own form, provided it contains the same information as the AS form. First article information must include drawing notes, flag notes and title block notes.

First article inspection shall be performed on all new, first production lots of a specific part number prior to shipment. This would include any product that has had a lapse in production greater than eighteen (18) months. The new First Article Report shall accompany the first shipment. The First Article Part must be identified (tagged) as "First Article Part".

New first article inspections are also required when changes occur in characteristics or dimensions which affect the original first article inspection or a change in the way the part is processed that may affect the outcome of the final product. A new first article report must accompany the identified part.


The product being manufactured and / or service being performed must be performed to the latest revisions. At no time will other revisions be used other that what is indicated in drawings or Purchase Orders without the express, written permission of an authorized Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. representative.


The original mill or foundry chemical and mechanical test reports for material used in fulfilling this order must be maintained on file for a period of ten years. The heat lot number of each test report must be traceable to the material. Any reprocessed raw material must be traceable to the original mill test report and must include objective evidence (e.g., mechanical tests) of compliance to the material's reprocessed condition.

Copies of the above test reports must be submitted with each shipment.

When material is provided by Mulgrew Aircraft Inc, the supplier must ensure that a statement is included on the shipment certification and/or shipper Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. Supplied Material".

Each shipment must consist of items from a single heat lot unless otherwise negotiated and documented on MAC purchase order.


When x-ray is a requirement by the drawing, x-ray film and x-ray inspection report shall be included with every shipment.


The supplier shall comply with the requirements of all Flight Safety and Fracture Critical designated products. Changes in sequencing of manufacturing or any other substitutions are not allowed. The supplier must follow all instructions without deviations unless written permission by authorized Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. representative is given. The words "Flight Safety" and/or "Fracture Critical" must appear on all certifications, Shippers, and inspection documentation.


Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. has provided inspection check fixtures and must be used for product acceptance for those features only. Any other use must be authorized in advance by Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. in writing. The use of the acceptance check fixture does not absolve you from assuring all dimensions and requirements are produced to drawing and specification requirements.


All materials used in the production or service performed by the supplier must be procured from Mulgrew Aircraft approved suppliers. Contact Mulgrew's purchasing Department for a list of approved suppliers.


Lots may not be commingled. Shipments may consist of no more than two (2) manufacturer's lots for each part number included in an order. No quantity of a single manufacturer's lot may represent less than 20 percent of the total quantity per shipment, unless otherwise specified on the purchase order.

A production lot shall consist of parts which are all the same configuration fabricated from the same conditions and material, processed (including heat treat) together and produced as one continuous run.

A casting, forging, machined part or stamping lot consists of the same part number, of one alloy, produced using the same PROCESSING PARAMETERS (INCLUDING HEAT treat) and contains a homogeneous heat pour, or same basic material.

A plating lot (cadmium, anodize, chemical milling, etc) shall consist of treated articles on the same order treated under the same conditions from the same chemical composition from the same tank.

A coating lot (paint, dry film lube, etc) shall be processed as one batch on the same part on the same order. A batch is defined as the end product of all the raw materials mixed or blended in a single or continuous operation.


When services from the supplier include using materials with a limited shelf life, the supplier shall include the expiration date of the materials used and batch identification on the required certifications.


Statistical Process Control is required on this order. The supplier is required to submit SPC charting information in accordance with supplied instructions (Work Order) on the identified Key Characteristic.

The supplier shall identify the statistical techniques in establishing, controlling and verifying process capability and product characteristics. Documented procedures shall be established, approved by Mulgrew Aircraft Inc., and maintained to implement and control the application of these statistical techniques.


Digital media / data has been provided with this order. The supplier is required to follow the requirements of Mulgrew CAD/CAM CAI Procedures 9.0 (Procurement Control).


Processes specified on customer drawings must be performed by sources listed on the Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. Approved Supplier List.


All parts shipped to Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. shall be one hundred percent (100%) inspected, unless otherwise directed by Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. Quality Department. Sampling plans may be used only with the written permission of Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. and must be approved prior to their use. Contact the Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. Quality Department for sampling plan options.

Q16- Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. SOURCE INSPECTION (ASI)

Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. source inspection is required prior to shipment. The supplier shall contact the Mulgrew Aircraft Inc. purchasing department to coordinate scheduling of source inspection. Contact must be made at least 48 hours in advance of shipment.


Government source inspection (GSI) is required prior to shipment from your plant. On receipt of this order, promptly furnish a copy to the government representative who normally services your plant, or, if none, to the nearest army, navy, air force, or defense supply agency inspection office. In the event the representative or office cannot be located, our purchasing agent should be notified immediately. Evidence of government source inspection must be included with each shipment.


Mulgrew Aircarft Inc. (MAC) Reserves the right of entry provisions in any sub-contract. These provisions allow MAC, its customers and / or regulatory Agencies to Determine and verify the Quality of work and material at plant site operated by its Suppliers to determine conformance to this purchase order.

The supplier shall grant Right of access by MAC, their customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.

Q19 Retention of record

Suppliers shall retain Mulgrew product related records to at least ten (10) years after Completion, unless otherwise specified by Mulgrew.

Q20- Counterfeit Parts / Material & Hardware Prevention for Lockheed Orders:

Mulgrew Purchasing Department and its suppliers will deliver new or new stock materials and hardware components. When possible these items will come directly from the Original Manufacturer or authorized distributor manufacturing source and or its authorized distributors.
When materials and hardware are not readily available or when our customer’s delivery may be impacted by the delay of shipment of materials the Purchasing Department will seek to utilize suppliers that have establish and maintain a Counterfeit Parts / Material Prevention and Control Plan using AS-5553 ) and/or AS6174 to ensure that Counterfeit Work is not delivered to Buyer and to prevent the delivery of counterfeit commodities and control commodities identified as counterfeit.
Mulgrew Purchasing Department and it’s suppliers will notify it customer of pertinent facts immediately of any suspect finished counterfeit work delivered.
An anti-counterfeit pathway for obtaining materials and components are to be identified though Test Reports and or Certificate of Conformance provided by the Supplier. Materials are to be identified by Heat Lot, Manufacturing Lot Number or Purchase Order Number showing traceability directly to the manufacturing source. This requirement shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers.


A) "Processing to be accomplished in performance of this purchase order is directly related to a Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Purchase Order and must be accomplished In accordance with process specification(s)on this Purchase Order and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company appendix QJ & QX." For Lockheed Appendix visit: www.lockheedmartin.com/us/aeronautics/materialmanagement/scm-quality/scm-quality_qualityappendices.html

B) It is a requirement to file and maintain a copy of all purchase Orders containing the Above statement and make these available for review, upon request.

C) It is a requirement to submit a certificate of conformance (“C of C") with a unique Certification number containing the following information:

  1. Title and specification number (Including revision letter) of the process
  2. Name and address of the process or NDT Facility.
  3. Lockheed Martin assign processor code
  4. Date of C of C
  5. Purchase order number
  6. Quantity of parts (To include quantity accepted/ rejected
  7. Signature and title of authorized Quality Agent of seller; and
  8. Fracture Durability Classification or serialization when required

D)  It is a requirement to ensure parts are suitably wrapped, Boxed or racked to guard
against shipping damage and apply rust or corrosion protection.

E) Provision of Lockheed Appendix “QX” for Counterfeit Parts / Material Prevention and Control Plan using AS-5553 and/or AS6174 applies for purchases involving hardware, raw materials or electronics. A Control plan must be implemented by the seller to prevent the delivery of counterfeit commodities and control commodities identified as counterfeit.   

Supplier is required to notify Mulgrew any nonconforming product and arrangements for approval of the nonconforming product

Supplier is required to notify Mulgrew of changes in product and/or process definition, and where required, obtain Mulgrew's approval.

The supplier is also required to notify Mulgrew of nonconforming product, obtain Mulgrew’s approval for nonconforming product disposition, notify Mulgrew of changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location and, where required, obtain Mulgrew’s approval, and flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements including customer requirements.

Q24 Flow down applicable requirements to sub-tier
Supplier is required to flow down to sub-tier the applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including Key Characteristics where required.

Q25 - Customer’s proprietary data
THIS AGREEMENT is acknowledged by Mulgrew Aircraft Components, Inc. (Mulgrew) and our Sub-Tier Contractors ( Vendors) in acceptance of our purchase order. The agreement is made to control our Customer’s proprietary data which may be provided in support of the manufacturing of goods and or services. This Data which may be in the form of specifications, standards, drawings, knowledge is proprietary to our customer and is to be controlled as follows:

This Data shall not be disclosed by Vendor to others nor used for the benefit of anyone other than Mulgrew or our Customer without the advance written consent. (1) are or become within the public knowledge through no wrongful act of the Vendor, or (2) are legally obtainable from other sources without restriction or (3) were in the possession of Vendor prior to the first disclosure of such to Vendor on behalf of our Customer, or (4) were independently developed by Vendor without breach of this Agreement. The confidentiality obligation under this paragraph shall cease upon termination of procurement by Mulgrew directly or indirectly from Vendor and the return of all copies of such Data by Vendor to Mulgrew or a certified statement by Vendor to Mulgrew that all copies of such Data have been destroyed.

Mulgrew may furnish the Vendor revisions or access to data or Process Specifications and Vendor agrees to promptly insert such revisions in the appropriate document and destroy data or those pages which have been superseded, or canceled.

Subject to the exceptions mentioned, Vendor agrees to maintain in strict confidence and trust all said Data and shall promptly return to buyer all said Data when requested. It is understood that such Data may also include, but not be limited to, business matters, methods, processes, designs and devices used, worked on or developed, manufactured, or under consideration for use, development or manufacture by our customer. Vendor further agrees that unless specific written consent is given by Mulgrew, it will not disclose or in any way make known to any person, firm or corporation any such Data other than such person, firm or corporation employed or retained by Vendor for work under contract directly or indirectly with Mulgrew and subject to the paragraph below.

Vendor agrees that any and all persons or firms whom it may employ or whose services it may retain in conjunction with its manufacture and supply of our customers’ requirements set forth in purchase orders received directly or indirectly from Mulgrew shall be subject by a written agreement to the same conditions as are applicable to the Vendor under the preceding paragraphs.

Q26 – FOD requirement clause

  1. Seller shall maintain a FOD prevention program in accordance with National Aerospace Standard NAS-412, Foreign Object Damage/Foreign Object Debris (FOD) prevention.
  2. Whenever and/or wherever FOD entrapment or foreign objects can migrate, Seller shall ensure that applicable Quality Clause FOD requirements are flowed down to Seller’s subcontractors at every tier.
  3. Prior to closing inaccessible or obscured areas and compartments during assembly. Seller must and shall inspect for foreign objects/materials and ensure no FOD barriers remain embedded, e.g. embedded protective plugs. Sellers shall ensure tooling jigs, fixtures and test or handling equipment are maintained in a state of cleanliness and repair sufficient to prevent FOD.
  4. Seller may use Quality Clause FOD Revision NC to meet FOD requirements in any other PO with prior versions of Quality Clause FOD.


Q27 – Quality System Requirements

A) The Supplier shall maintain a documented Quality System as required by MAC purchase order.

    1. -ISO 9001, ISO 9003, or ISO 9004 Compliant or Registered.
    2. -AS9000, AS9100, AS9110, and/or AS9120 Compliant or Registered.
    3. -Other approved Quality System of "Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)'"
    4. -NADCAP Registration
    5. -Other Quality Systems:

B) No Specific Quality System stipulated. Mulgrew Aircraft Components shall periodically review the supplier with an on-site visit, and/or Quality System Survey (accompanied by historical performance review). This functions will serve as MAC’s approach is to ensure the supplier is continuously supplying conforming product.

NOTE: Systems not meeting Q27-A for "Acceptable Quality Systems" may still be approved provided they are capable of supplying conforming product. A "Limited Approval" may be granted to a supplier for a specific part number based upon historical performance, the supplier maintaining tooling, or the suppliers manufacturing and/or special processes approved by the OEM.